Hi, I'm Robbie.

I'm a developer & designer from Adelaide.

I use different technologies.

CSS & JavaScript for front-end development.
Node.js & PHP for back-end development.
Electron & C++ for app development.

Products I'm working on

Hire me for these things


I can work with you to plan, design and oversee a seamless development process. I will provide advice on design and development to maximise the success potentional. I will help to solve and avoid bottlenecks that may arise.


I've worked on front-end and back-end projects in over 10+ languages in the past, and am well versed in the development process. I primarily work remotely, but I will call and email often to keep you up to date.


I have experience working in colloboration on development projects and am always willing to work alongside you to create your project. Quick meetings and communication keep the project running smooth.

Nice words from people

  • Torie Begg

    "I hired Robbie to lead the development of my new project idea. He made suggestions - along with pro's and con's - that helped us decide which way to go. I came to appreciate Robbie's knowledge and expertise on all aspects of the development of our project. I liked his work a lot and hired him to complete my personal business website as well. He's also very helpful and I enjoyed working with him."